Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Continuing Down The Long Road (book 2 in The Long Road series)

Without warning, Child Protective Services start investigating Kyle and Jayson to find out what kind of parents they are. The question is why? Adam is well-adjusted, happy, well-loved and wanting for nothing. The answer was just as surprising as the investigation itself. Courtroom battles ensue, finding Adam almost jailed for assault. The dust finally settles and the Matthews-Williams family is once again the happy, loving, care-free family they once were.

A few years later Kyle and Jay decide to take another vacation trip to Hawaii, this time with Tommy and Andy, who were winners of a vacation trip. Reuniting with Tony and Billy finds Kyle and Jay on the receiving end once again of Tony's uber-generosity, resulting in them moving permanently to Hawaii.

Life in paradise isn't always paradise, however. Then the ultimate tragedy strikes, the Matthews-Williams family is left devastated, their lives changed forever. Can love be found again? Can they rebuild what they once had?

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