Continuing Down The Long Road chapter 9

Andy looked up as Tommy came in the door, fresh from his run, mail in hand. “Anything for me?”

Tommy looked through all the junk and handed him a letter saying “You have something here from the bank.”

“Hmm. I wonder what it could be.” He opened the envelope and started reading the letter it contained. Tears started running down his cheeks.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Wordlessly he handed Tommy the letter who read it. A shocked expression crossed his face. “This can’t be real, can it? I mean, it must be some kind of hoax.”

Andy slowly shook his head and reread it.

Dear Mr. Martin,
Two weeks ago you took out a new car loan with us, which automatically entered you into our grand prize drawing.

This letter is to inform you that you have won the grand prize which is a four-night-five-day trip for two to Hawaii which includes hotel and airfare. Please contact me at the main branch office at your earliest convenience to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Congratulations, Mr. Martin,
John Rawlings
Promotions Manager
Provincetown Savings Bank and Trust

“You know what this means don’t you? My greatest unfulfilled dream is coming true. WE’RE GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!!!” The two men hugged tightly, tears of joy flowing down their faces. After a few moments they separated and while Tommy went to shower Andy got out his cell phone. “Hey, you guys need to come over for lunch. We have some awesomely awesome news for you. In fact, why don’t you guys come over now? We could have a game day. Cool. See you guys in a few.”

A few minutes later, Kyle and Jay knocked on the door. “So what’s up?” Jay asked.

“Well” Andy began slowly, “you remember when I took out a loan to get my new car? It seems that I was entered into a drawing, and I won.”

“Cool, congratulations.” Kyle replied.

“Yeah, congrats.” Jay chimed in.

“You wouldn’t believe what I won. A four-night-five-day trip to Hawaii, airfare and hotel for two.”

Joyous hugs abounded. “That’s awesome. You guys are going to love it there. We had such a great time there. I’d give anything to go back there. We have to get you hooked up with the owners of Nighttown Waikiki. We told you about Tony and Billy. They’re awesome!”

“You know what would be cool? If you guys came with us.”

Kyle and Jay looked at each other. “Can we?” They both said simultaneously then burst out laughing. For the next hour plans were made for the four of them to travel to Hawaii together. That evening the two couples hit the town to celebrate.

Later that night as they lay in bed after an extended lovemaking session, Jay noticed that Kyle was deep in thought. “What’cha thinking about baby?”

“Jay, how happy are you here?”

“Kyle, honey, you make me the happiest man alive. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t get down on my knees and thank God for you.”

“I don’t mean happy in our relationship. I’m talking about being happy here, in this house, in Provincetown.”

Jay thought a moment. “I’m happy wherever I am, as long as you’re there with me.” Where is this coming from? Jay wondered.

“With everything that’s happened to us, and even though I was brought up in this house, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. It doesn’t feel like home.”

“Do you want to move somewhere else? Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Yes. I want to move to Hawaii. We could use this trip to do some job- and house-hunting. I mean, I’d have to do the job-hunting. You could probably get a transfer.”

Jay took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Of all the things that could have come out of Kyle’s mouth, he never expected this. “What about our friends and family?”

“We’d miss them, that’s for sure, but we could make new friends, and it would give everyone reason to come visit. They wouldn’t have the expense of a hotel.”

“We could certainly check things out while we’re there. It’s a huge step. Are you sure you’re ready for it?”

“Yeah, I think I am. I don’t want to tell anyone yet, though, especially the kids.

“What about the house?”

“I’ll call the realtor tomorrow and set up an appointment to get it appraised.” Kyle’s eyes grew moist. “This house has been in my family for several generations. I’d hate for it to go to someone outside the family, but I’m not as comfortable here as I used to be.”

“I can definitely understand that. Let’s get some sleep. We can talk about it more tomorrow.”

Two months later, their plane landed at Honolulu International Airport. Kyle and Jay grinned at Tommy and Andy’s surprise as they were greeted by several Hula girls putting leis around there necks made of real flowers, not imitation plastic ones. As they stepped out of the airport terminal, Tommy and Andy looked around in amazement. Kyle and Jay looked at each other with shit-eating grins on their faces, remembering their first reactions. A few minutes later the hotel shuttle pulled up and within a half hour they were checked into their rooms and busy unpacking. Everyone but Andy, that is, who stood out on the balcony. Tommy looked up and noticed Andy’s shoulders were shaking. Why is he crying? He wondered. He walked up behind his boyfriend and put his arms around him. “Andy, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Andy turned in his arms and sobbed. “It’s just…it’s just…”

Tommy started rubbing circles on his back where there was a knock on the door. “IT’S OPEN!” He yelled out. He had fixed the security latch to keep the door from closing completely so that when they were finished, Kyle and Jay could join them. Seeing that something was wrong, Jay told Tommy to come and get them when they were ready to go out for dinner.

Finally Andy settled down. “I’m sorry to break down like that. It’s just that I’ve dreamed about coming here for, like forever. I just can’t get over that fact that I’m here, that we’re here together. This place is so beautiful.

Tommy’s stomach growled loudly, evoking laughter from both men. “Come on, let’s go get Kyle and Jay. I’m starving.”

“So what else is new? The way you eat it’s a miracle that you don’t weight a thousand pounds.”

“That’s because you make me work it off in the bedroom.”

“Later dear. Later.”

Meanwhile, in Kyle and Jayson’s room… “I wonder what’s wrong with Andy?” Jay asked.

“Probably a reaction to being here. He told me that it was a lifelong dream of his to come here, and now here he is.”

“That would make sense. Did you by any chance call Tony or Billy to let them know we were coming?”

“No, I wanted to surprise them. They’re going to shit when they see what we brought them. Did you call them?”

“No, same reason. I can’t wait to see them.”

“Me neither.”

There was a knock on the door before it opened, Kyle having left the security latch in position to keep the door open. “You guys ready to go eat? I’m starving.”

“Yeah, we’re ready. What about Andy? Is he okay?”

“He’s fine. Just a little emotional over seeing his lifelong dream coming true. Where are we going to eat?”

“We figured that.” Kyle responded. “I figured we’d go to the Steak House. It’s gay owned and operated, and the food there is fantastic. Afterwards, we’ll head over to the club. Can’t wait to see the look on Tony and Billy’s faces when we walk in. They have no idea that we’re here. You’ll love them. They’re awesome. I should warn you though, expect a hassle over paying for drinks. We told you about what happened the last time. They wouldn’t let us pay for anything. I have a feeling that history is about to repeat itself.”

Tommy’s stomach growled loudly again, which made everyone laugh. “Okay, okay, I get the message.” Kyle bent over and spoke to Tommy’s stomach. “We’re going.”

After a leisurely meal of incredible food, Kyle paid the bill, drawing protests from Tommy and Andy. “This is our way of thanking you for allowing us to tag along. You guys can get the next one.”

Jay gave Kyle a look of resignation. “Do you honestly believe that we will be paying for our meals from now on?”

“Yeah, as long as we don’t tell Tony or Billy our plans. That’s where we went wrong the last time.”


“So what’s this guy’s story? Why was he so adamant about paying for everything?”

“He’s a huge fan. Plus, he has more money than God. We just need to make sure we don’t tell them any of our plans, unless we all mutually decide we want to include them on an outing or something, which I would like to do at least once while we’re here.” They all agreed that that was the best course of action. They left the restaurant to walk the few blocks to Nighttown Waikiki, each couple holding hands.

Kyle pulled the door to the club open and the four of them quietly slipped through. Hoping not to be noticed, they approached the bar. Their hopes were dashed to the ground when all of a sudden thunderous applause and wild yelling erupted. So much for our little surprise, Kyle thought, chagrined.

“What in holy hell is going on out there? Is it a riot?” Billy asked Tony as they both bolted to the office door, neither man thinking of checking the security cameras first. Emerging from the office, it became obvious that it was a riot of the very best kind. They knew of only two people in the world that had the power to create such a ruckus. Both men ran for the stage and looked out over the crowd trying to spot them. Finally finding them in the center of a mob of people all trying to touch them and get autographs, Tony signaled the bouncers to break up the mob. He grabbed the karaoke microphone and cranked up the volume until it momentarily screeched before lowering the volume and shouting into it. “EVERYONE PLEASE CALM DOWN. EVERYONE GET BACK TO YOUR DRINKS. LET KYLE AND JAYSON GET A DRINK AND SIT DOWN.” Eventually, with the help of the bouncers who had to physically throw some of the more determined patrons out the door, order was restored.

Two of the bouncers approached them, grabbed Tommy and Andy by the collars and started to drag them away. “It’s okay, guys. They’re with us.” The bouncers quickly apologized and let go of them immediately, then ushered the four men to the stairs up to the booth they had occupied on a previous visit. The commotion was such that they never even noticed the not-so-subtle changes in the club. The group pictures taken of Kyle, Tony and Billy, and Jay, Tony and Billy had been enlarged, framed and hung over the bar. Once in the booth, which had been named the Kyle and Jayson Matthews-Williams Suite, much to their embarrassment, they noticed all of the other changes. The booth now included a wet bar, hot tub and bathroom, as well as upgraded furnishings. Where it had been open before, it was now completely enclosed and soundproofed, so the occupants could control the volume of the music in the booth. The crowded dance floor below appeared to be approximately three times the size of the dance floor they remembered. The bar was longer, and it seemed the room had been greatly enlarged.

There was a knock on the door then it flung open and Tony and Billy rushed into the room, each bestowing long, bone-crushing hugs on both Kyle and Jay. Tommy and Andy were then introduced, who were given the same treatment. “It is so unbelievably awesome to see you guys!” Tony said with tears in his eyes. “Tommy, Andy, it is wonderful to meet the two of you. I’ve heard so much about the two of you and am honored to have the opportunity to finally meet you guys.”

“It’s our pleasure, Tony. This place you have is awesome. Kyle’s description of it hardly does it justice.”

“Thanks. But all thanks go to Kyle and Jayson” Tony responded. He continued when he noticed the confused look on everyone’s faces except for Billy’s, who knew why. “Since Kyle sang in the club several years ago, business has tripled. And not just for a few months, either. No doubt you’ve noticed the club is bigger. I’ve had to expand it three times to accommodate the crowds. This place is netting over a million dollars a year. It has become the most successful nightclub in all of Oahu, probably in the entire Hawaiian Islands.”

“That’s awesomely awesome, Tony.” Jay responded.

“How’s Adam?”

“He’s doing great. He graduated from the Police Academy and is engaged to a wonderful girl named Kelly.”

 “Cool. It’s easy to see that you’re very proud of him. So what brings you guys here, business or pleasure?” Billy asked as they all made themselves comfortable on the luxurious furnishings each with drinks in hand.

“A little bit of both actually. We’re thinking about moving here. After our honeymoon, home just didn’t seem like home to us. That, plus the fact of everything we’ve been through before we got married,” Kyle reached over and took Jay’s hand before he continued, “we just don’t want to live there anymore.”

“Huh?” said Tony and Billy simultaneously, both men equally surprised.

Kyle reached over and turned the booth speakers off. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. Tony and Billy were horrified as they learned about everything that had happened to Kyle and Jay. Blinded by tears, Tony reached out to hug Kyle, Billy to hug Jayson. “We’re so sorry you guys went through that. I wish we had met you guys sooner. We would have been there for you every step of the way.”

“That’s just part of it.” Jay continued the story. “A couple of years ago, we became foster parents to a sixteen-year-old girl, Janita, who was thrown out of her house and disowned by her very abusive parents when she told them she was a lesbian.” That statement drew curses from Tony and Billy. “We were all set to adopt her when the state passed a law forbidding gay and unwed straight couples from adopting children. It also overturned all of the previous adoptions. Fortunately for us Adam had already turned eighteen so we were able to fight the overturning and we won the case. Adam is still our son. Janita was about to become a ward of the state again but we were able to fight that as well. Eventually the anti-adoption law was overturned and we were able to adopt her as well. She’s in college now. So, as I mentioned earlier, we’re here to do some job- and house-hunting.” This proclamation drew startled looks from Tommy and Andy. They knew that Kyle and Jay had wanted to return, but they didn’t realize that the return would be permanent.

“Any ideas what you want to do?”

“It’s pretty simple, really.” Jay began. “I’m looking to transfer to a field office out here, and Kyle, being a physicist, can practically get a job anywhere.”

“A physicist?” Tony asked.

“Yeah, I received my Doctorate in Quantum Physics three years ago. I’m now Doctor Kyle Matthews-Williams, Quantum Physicist not just plain old Kyle Matthews-Williams.”

“I still like Kyle Matthews-Williams, househusband, mother of my children, better.” Jay interjected, earning himself a pillow in the face from Kyle.

“Congratulations, Kyle. This calls for a very special celebration.” Tony exchanged knowing looks with Billy who promptly excused himself and rushed out the door returning a few minutes later with a very expensive bottle of champagne.

After serving everyone a glass, even Kyle, who never developed the taste for alcohol and didn’t drink, a toast was made. “To Doctor and Mr. Kyle and Jayson Matthews-Williams, welcome home. To Tommy and Andy, our fabulous new friends, welcome to Hawaii and Nighttown Waikiki.”

Everyone drank then Kyle stood up. “With your permission, Tony and Billy, Jay and I have something special we would like to do.”

“Of course.”

“Everyone downstairs, please.” Kyle approached the DJ, who was the same one from their previous visit, said something quietly to her, and handed her a CD. She nodded then Kyle and Jay got up on the stage. As the music died, they both grabbed microphones. “Hi, everybody” Kyle started, to a thunderous ovation. “It’s truly wonderful to be back here. You all remember Jayson, my husband? We have a special surprise and a gift for Tony and Billy.” He nodded to the DJ who started playing a slow introduction which, by the looks on the faces in the crowd, was unfamiliar to most of them. Those that did recognize the introduction stared at them, open-mouthed as Kyle and Jay alternated singing the verses of John Michael Montgomery’s ‘I Swear’, harmonizing on the choruses.
Looking out over the crowd after they finished the song, Jay noticed that there weren’t very many dry eyes, including Tony’s and Billy’s. After the ovation died down, Kyle nodded again to the DJ who started the background track again, only at a much lower volume. “Tony, Billy, come on up here”. Jay called out to them as Kyle took a step back and started fiddling with his backpack. Once they were all on the stage, Jay continued. “You once asked me if Kyle was going to record any more CDs. Well he did. This time, after catching me singing in the shower, he dragged my ass into the recording studio with him. What you just heard is a cut from our soon-to-be-released CD called ‘Nighttown Waikiki’ in honor of you guys and this establishment.” This announcement drew stunned looks from the pair.

Kyle approached them, one hand behind his back. “Tony, Billy, it is will enormous pleasure that we present you with a pre-release copy of our new CD.” Both Tony and Billy just stared at them in shock as Kyle handed them a copy of the new CD, upon which was written:

To Tony and Billy.
Without the inspiration of the two of you and your club, this CD would never exist.

Our love and gratitude always,
Kyle and Jayson Matthews-Williams

After a lengthy group hug, Jay looked at Kyle. “One more for the road?” They both looked at Tony who nodded vigorously. “I think I need a hero.”

Kyle walked over to the Karaoke computer and punched a few keys. Suddenly an upbeat introduction boomed from the sound system. Jay put the microphone up to his lips and belted out the words to Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’. Kyle was gratified to see that the crowd responded with as much enthusiasm to Jay’s fine voice as they had to his. It amused them both that as soon as Jay opened his mouth, the dance floor filled. At the end Jay received a rousing applause of approval. As the four men left the stage, Tony handed the CD to the DJ with instructions to play the entire CD, which she did. As they retired to the booth, the conversation naturally turned to the CD.

“Jay, you’re awesome. I never knew you could sing.” Tommy started out.

“I didn’t either until I came home unexpectedly early one day and caught him singing in the shower, which is something he never did whenever I was around. For someone who keeps claiming that he can’t keep a secret from anybody, he sure did a good job with this one. Anyway, I grabbed my tape recorder and recorded him, then went to AMS and played the tape for them. I suggested a new CD with duets featuring him. It took a long time to convince them. They didn’t, in their words, want an unknown to compromise the quality of my CDs. I reminded them that one, I was once an unknown, and two, that I was under no obligation to them since the terms of the original contract had long since been fulfilled. If they wanted another CD from me, which they had been hounding me for over the past several years, that’s the way it was going to be. They finally agreed to record a demo to present to the higher-ups. When I told Jay he was furious that I didn’t ask him first. I simply told him that I didn’t want to say anything to him until I had talked it over with AMS to see if they were interested. He kept going on and on about how he wasn’t good enough and that it would be a waste of everybody’s time. I reminded him of a conversation we had back when he tried to convince me to try out for ‘You Can Be the Next Music Superstar’. I said, ‘Well, now the shoe’s on the other foot. How does it feel?’ He couldn’t argue with that, and finally agreed to record the demo, which the AMS bigwigs loved. It took quite a bit of doing, but I finally convinced Jay to do it.”

“What’d you do, threaten to cut him off?”

“Pretty much. I also threatened to stop cooking for him.” Kyle said with twinkling eyes.

“That was one threat I knew he could follow through on. There’s no way he’d be able to cut me off, at least not for very long.” Everyone broke into gales of laughter at Jay’s statement.

“When does the CD come out? We can’t wait to get a copy.” Andy asked.

“The end of next month, but you don’t have to wait.” Kyle reached into his backpack and pulled out another pre-release copy, which he handed to Andy, who had tears rolling down his face when he read what was written on the CD. He handed it to Tommy, who reacted in exactly the same way.

To Tommy and Andy,
Without your unconditional love and support through the darkest of our times, we would have ceased to exist as a couple. We owe you everything.

With our undying love and appreciation,
Kyle and Jay

“That’s an awesome story. So what kind of housing were you looking for, and what is your budget?” Billy asked, eyes a little more moist than usual from all of the heavy emotion surrounding the CDs and Kyle and Jay’s performance on stage.

“The realtor said we could easily get two-hundred-fifty-thousand for our house. Combine that with what I’ve made in royalties from the two CDs and the income from all of the paintings I’ve sold and all of the photographs that Jay has sold, I think we could go as high as two-point-five million. We’re looking for a basic three- or four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathrooms on about an acre of land. Beachfront property would be awesome, but that’s probably way out of our price range.”

Tony and Billy exchanged meaningful glances. “I think I might know of a place. Where are you guys staying? Same place?”

“Yeah, Honolulu Hotel.”

“Let me contact some realtors I know and see what I can find. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves. As always, everything is on the house.”

“But…” Jay started.

“No buts from any of you. Those are the terms. If you don’t like them, perhaps you can find a different club to hang out in.” Tony responded with mock anger, winking slyly at them. Knowing it would be futile to argue with him, they accepted the free drinks.

Late the following afternoon, as they were getting ready to go out to a luau, the phone rang. It was the front desk clerk informing them that there was a limousine waiting for them. “Here we go again.” Kyle said, rolling his eyes.

“What’s going on?” Tommy asked as he and Andy entered their room.

“Last time we were here, we got a call from the front desk telling us a limo was waiting for us. We had no clue as to why.” Jay explained. “When we got downstairs, the driver informed us that he had been hired by Tony to provide us with an incredible tour of the island. It took about six hours and we hit every conceivable spot. The driver made sure we had souvenirs from every stop. He even argued us when we wanted to stop at Burger King to get a bite to eat. It seems he was instructed to provide us with a thousand dollar lobster dinner.”

“Wow” Andy replied, amazed.

“Now, it seems history is going to repeat itself, although it’s a little late in the day for a six-hour tour.”

“Perhaps it’s a…” Kyle broke into song, singing the “three-hour tour” portion of the Gilligan’s Island theme song, which cracked everybody up. “Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out. Let’s head out.”

Upon getting into the limo, the four friends were informed that there were being taken to see a possible house that Mr. Malikonahs had found. Soon they passed through the gates of an enormous estate, pulling up in front of what only could be described as a mansion. Tony and Billy were waiting for them. “Hey, guys. I found something I think you guys will like.”

“You’re joking, right? The monthly mortgage payments on this place are probably more than all four of us combined make in a year.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be an issue. The place belongs to someone I know who had it built as a guest house, but it was never used. Let me show you around.” Tony opened the door and led the four inside, into a huge foyer. Everyone stopped short when they saw a huge “Welcome to your new home Kyle and Jayson” banner hung from the second floor balcony.

“Welcome to our new home?” They exchanged puzzled glances.

Tony, with a huge shit-eating grin on his face, handed Kyle and Jayson envelopes containing keys. “Yes, home. This is your home, and I mean yours. I’ve seen that look before, Kyle. No arguments. This house belongs to you. You’ll find the deed in the study, all signed and notarized. As I said before, Billy and I owe you a debt that can never be repaid. We’ve had to expand the club to three times its original size in order to accommodate the crowds since you sang there a few years ago. It has become the most successful club in all Oahu, clearing over a million a year. This is a small attempt to repay that debt.” Billy nodded vigorously in agreement. Tony and Billy then lead the two stunned homeowners on a tour of their new home, which included ten bedrooms, a living room, dining room, study, four full bathrooms and two smaller bathrooms, office, rec room complete with a fully stocked bar, glass washer, beer cooler, keg cooler, ice machine, pool table, dart board, home theater system with sixty-inch TV, a pool and huge back yard.

“Tony, we can’t accept this. It’s too much.”

“No, it’s not, and you can accept it, for I’m not giving you any choice. The deed has already been signed over to the two of you, notarized and filed. You guys are famous recording artists. It’s about time you started living like it.” He glanced at his watch. “Let’s get you and your guests settled in. This is your room.” They entered a huge fully furnished bedroom with gigantic walk-in closet and full bath.

“My God, Jay, can you believe this?”

“No, I can’t. Someone pinch me.” Kyle pinched him “OW! Bitch that hurt!”

“Well, you told me to pinch you.” Kyle giggled, unrepentantly.

“Why doesn’t everyone get acquainted with their suites then join us downstairs for the grand tour? Tommy, Andy, let me show you to the guest suite.” Billy showed them to a suite almost as large as the master bedroom with the same amenities.

A few minutes later, as everyone gathered in the foyer for a tour of the rest of the house and grounds, Tony turned to Kyle and Jay. “What the two of you don’t know is that in addition to the renovations, a brand-new, state-of-the-art recording studio has just been completed and RIAA certified. The grand opening is Friday.”

“Tony, please don’t think we’re ungrateful, far from it.” Jay began, “But why are you doing all this for us?”

“Because of you, Kyle, the club, which was barely operating in the black because of the money I put into it to pay the bills every month, is now way in the black on its own. I haven’t put a dime of my own money into the club for several years. Actually, I stopped six months after you sang in the club and signed autographs. I would like to do more, but I don’t know what else I can do for you.”

“Tony, you’ve done more than enough. We don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay you for all of this.”

“Any reparations are on my shoulders, Kyle, unless you would consent to sing again in the club, and sign autographs, if asked. After last night, that would include you as well, Jay.”

“That we would gladly do.”

Everyone was astounded by what they were shown as they toured the house and grounds which included the most gorgeous white sand beach any of them had ever even imagined. “As I said earlier, I had this place was built as a guest house three years ago, but was never used. I can’t think of any better use for it than a private, and I emphasize the word private, residence for my favorite recording artists.” Tony’s glance took in both Kyle and Jay. “Well, we’ll let you guys settle in and we’ll see you at the club later.”

A couple of hours later, the two couples gathered around the pool “I’m so jealous.” Tommy said as he took a sip of his iced tea. “I now understand why you didn’t feel at home anymore and wanted to move here. Hawaii is more beautiful than I had imagined. It truly deserves to be called paradise. I wouldn’t mind moving here myself.”

“Me neither.” Andy joined in.

“What’s stopping you?”

“Ah, jobs, a place to live, moving expenses...” Tommy replied sorrowfully as he ticked off each point on his fingers.

“Tommy, you’re a certified grief and substance abuse counselor with a master’s degree in social work. Andy, you’re a registered nurse-slash-paramedic with a master’s degree in nursing. You guys could easily get jobs over here. From what I’ve heard, there’s a critical shortage in both fields. I’m the one who’s going to have a problem getting a job. What kind of demand is there for a Quantum Physicist?”

“There’s also the issue of where we would live.” Andy chimed in. “The cost of living must be astronomical here.”

Kyle and Jay looked at each other. “That’s not an issue. Jay and I talked about it when we were checking the place out upstairs. We want you guys to move here with us. This place has ten bedrooms, four of which have huge walk-in closets and full baths. There’s more than enough room for you guys. Since it’s fully furnished, we don’t have to move any of our furniture, except that which we want to keep for sentimental reasons. When’s the lease up on your apartment?”

“In three months. The landlord told us that our rent was going to increase significantly with the new lease. We’ve been considering moving out and finding a place more affordable if that happens.” Andy said.

“Well, you can’t get much more affordable than free, now can you?”

“But what if Tony and Billy have a problem with us moving in here with you guys?”

“They won’t. Besides, if this place is truly ours, which, according to both Tony and the deed I read over, it is, they have no say in who else lives here.” Jay reassured them.

“And what if we’re not able to find jobs right away? There’s no way we would allow you guys to support us until we do.”

“Not an issue. Like I said earlier, I’m the only one who’s going to have a problem finding a job. There can’t be a whole lot of openings for a Quantum Physicist. I may end up having to sell my ass on the streets.”

“I’ll be your best and only customer.” Jay responded with mock seriousness.

“You can’t afford me.” Kyle shot back.

“How well I know that!”

“Bitch! You’ll pay for that!” Before Jay could realize what was happening, Kyle grabbed him and threw him into the pool.

Tommy and Andy looked at each other. “HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO OUR FRIEND?” Andy yelled as he and Tommy grabbed Kyle and threw him in. Soon all four friends were laughing and slashing each other.

Tony approached them with a bemused expression on his face. “Hey guys! Listen. Friday night is the finals for Star Finder, which is our equivalent to ‘You Can Be The Next Music Superstar’. The winner gets to cut a demo, which will be sent to all of the record companies. Kyle, would you be willing to be a celebrity judge? It pays a thousand dollars.”

“No, but I’d be willing to be a celebrity judge that gets paid nothing. Tony, to be honest with you, Jay and I are starting to get a little uncomfortable with all the gifts you keep giving us. Don’t get me wrong, we deeply appreciate it, but it’s getting to be too much. We love you and Billy, and we don’t want something like this to come between us. You’ve done more than enough for us.”

“I’m sorry, Kyle. I was just trying to pay you back for all you did for me and my club.”

Kyle got out of the pool, walked over to Tony and hugged him. “You have, Tony, over and over again.”

“Please, forgive me. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“You haven’t, not in the least. Just let us pay our way once in a while. Okay?” Kyle pulled him into another embrace.


The evening passed very agreeably for the three couples who spend most of the evening on the dance floor. The high point of the evening was when Kyle sang Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”, receiving a standing ovation.

Four days later…

“Kyle, honey, we’re home. Where are you?” A loud splash was heard from the back of the house. “I should have known. I swear that Kyle is part fish.” Everyone giggled as they headed out to the pool.

“Kyle, we need to talk about something.”

Kyle got out of the pool, padded over to Jay and gave him a sloppy kiss. “Why don’t you guys get changed while I put dinner on and we can discuss whatever it is over dinner?”

“Okay.” They went to go change.

“You know, Jay, it’s a wonder you don’t weigh five-hundred pounds. Kyle is a fantastic cook.”

“Tell me about it. I’ve had to double my workouts.” He said, patting his stomach and grinning.

A few minutes later they gathered around the poolside table and Kyle served dinner. “What did you want to talk about?”

“How soon do you think we could sell the house and move?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Well,” he started slowly, “I’ve been offered an immediate transfer.”

“And I’ve got a job working for LifeStar as a flight nurse-slash-paramedic. I have to get my RN license and Paramedic certifications for the state of Hawaii, but that won’t be a problem. All I have to do is transfer my nursing license and take the challenge exams for my Paramedic certification. I’ll be able then to use my Paramedic skills, but not my nursing skills until I get flight nurse training, which is a five month course. Tommy has an interview the day after tomorrow for a counselor position with the Gay and Lesbian Center.”

“I guess I better get off my lazy ass and start looking myself. It’s not going to be easy.”

“It might be easier than you think. Max from the club dropped this off just as we were getting here.” Andy handed Kyle a piece of paper, which was an advertisement for a physics teacher at the University of Hawaii. “Well, what do you think, Professor?”

“It seems way too easy.”

“It it’s meant to be, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be easy.”

“True and I have an idea about the house. Since we don’t need to sell it in order to move here, why don’t we sign it over to Adam and Kelly as a wedding present? That house has been in my family for generations, and I’d hate to see it leave family hands.”

“Works for me, baby. I think it’s a great idea.”

“I thought you’d like that idea. I’ll go by U of H tomorrow and check into that teaching position. I really have no desire to work in some research facility. All I want to do is teach.”

“Sounds like a plan.”Jay glanced at his watch. “We need to hurry up and finish dinner, clean up, get ready and head out to the club for Star Finder.”

“Jay, you and Kyle go get ready to go. Tommy and I will clean up and meet you guys at the club.”


“You don’t mind?” Kyle asked.

“Not at all. Now get going or you’ll be late. Separate showers, you two!” Tommy admonished, knowing that if they took a shower together, which they quite often did, they’d never get to the club on time.

Later at the club, Tony was on stage introducing the judges. “I have a real treat for all of you tonight. We have a very special guest judge tonight, right from the mainland. Most, of not all of you have heard of him and have at least one of his CD’s.” The crowd came alive with murmurs of excitement. “It is my esteemed pleasure to introduce our special celebrity judge, MR. KYLE MATTHEWS-WILLIAMS!!!!!” The crowd went nuts as Kyle took his place at the judge’s table, waving to the audience.

The competition was fierce. Kyle thought about his appearance on You Can Be the Next Music Superstar and wondered if the judges had the same difficult time deciding between him and Eddie Johnson.

After the final competitor had performed, Tony took the stage. “Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in between, what do you think of tonight’s competition?” Wild applause greeted his question. “I bet you understand what the judges faced during your competition on You Can Be the Next Music Superstar, right Kyle?”

“Yeah, it was sure tough, but we did reach a decision.”

“And that decision is right here in my hand. The winner of tonight’s competition, in addition to winning ten thousand dollars, will have the privilege of cutting a demo in our brand-new state-of-the-art recording studio. The grand opening of the studio will be tomorrow at noon, and everyone is invited. But before I announce the winner, I have two special requests to make.” Tony turned towards the judge’s table. “Kyle, would you do me the honor of cutting the ribbon tomorrow?”

Kyle just stared for a few moments, caught totally off-guard. “It would be my honor.” He replied, wondering if Jay knew anything about it, determined to find out.

He turned to where Jay was standing off to the side. “Jay, would you do me the honor of cutting the ribbon alongside Kyle?”

“I’d be honored to.”

 After the competition was over, Kyle sought out Jay. “Did you know Tony was going to ask me to cut the ribbon?”

“No, I didn’t. Did you know he was going to ask me?”

“Nope. I guess we’re cutting a ribbon tomorrow.”

The next morning, everyone gathered for the grand opening. The Mayor of Honolulu made a terrific speech about the club and all the good work Tony was doing, and all the charities he donated club profits to. Next, Tony talked about the history of the club, and made specific mention of the night Kyle sang Karaoke and the impact that had on the club. At the mention of his name, the crowd erupted, chanting “Ky-le! Ky-le! Ky-le.” When he was finally introduced, the noise could be heard by even the deafest of persons. Eager crowds pressed against the barricades, trying to get to Kyle for autographs.

When called upon, Kyle made a short speech about how honored he was to be there to cut the ribbon, and how much he loved and appreciated his fans, and if it was all right with Tony, he’d sign autographs for, and allow his picture to be taken with anyone who wanted to. Which, of course it was. Having had a private tour of the recording studio, he further went to commend Tony, for it was beyond state-of-the-art. Next it was Jay’s turn to be introduced and make a short speech, which consisted of him being thankful to have been included in the ribbon-cutting ceremony beside his husband and thanking Tony for the honor. He took his place beside Kyle and the two men accepted the ceremonial scissors. On the count of three, they both cut the ribbon, officially opening the studio for business.

One month later, Kyle and Jay were saying their goodbyes. Jay accepted the transfer to the Honolulu Field Office, Kyle accepted the teaching position at the University of Hawaii. They called their lawyer and had the paper work drawn up to sign the house over to Adam and Kelly as a present for their up-coming wedding.

As their plane took off, they looked in eager anticipation towards their new lives.

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